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Hardwood flooring –Add unparalleled style and long-lasting durability with solid woodfloors

For generations, hardwood flooring has been a true favorite for a great many households. Aside from its remarkable, timeless beauty, there are numerous other sought-after advantages to installing wood floors. Let’s go over a few more benefits to adding solid wood planks to your home.

Timeless aesthetics

Offering timeless aesthetics, wood floors can be added to any space and never look dated. Their natural, beautiful warmth is a key characteristic that is highly sought-after. With so many wood species available, it’s an installation that can provide a vast array of different design styles. From contemporary to traditional, you can also choose other preferences like textures, colors, and grain patterns. In essence, hardwood flooring gives you a means to truly personalize any room.

Impressive durability

Although the degree of durability does depend on several different factors, typically, wood planks are well known for being durable and long-lasting. What’s more, any installation can be easily redone should there be any scratches or minor damage, with re-sanding and re-varnishing. General wear-and-tear, as well, can be quickly erased, breathing new life into floors that can last for many generations –with proper care and upkeep, of course.

Simple upkeep

Another benefit homeowners appreciate is hardwood's simple upkeep requirements. Truly, it needs very little effort to clean and maintain, and as such, it is a great choice for people who don't want complicated surfacing or families with busy households. All it requires is basic, regular sweeping to remove anything sitting on the surface, like pet hair, dirt, or dust. As well, for a more thorough cleaning, caked-on dirt or sticky spills can be removed with damp mopping.

Higher resale value

Ask any realtor and they’ll tell you all about how you’ll no doubt get a higher resale value with a hardwood flooring installation. As a very much in-demand surfacing material, you’ll get a better price for your home, not only because of its charm but also because of its other impressive features.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Rock Island, IL from Floorcrafters - Moline

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