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Improve the style of your home with designer, trendy laminate flooring

Looking for flooring that’s low-maintenance, economical, and stylish? Believe it or not, such a surfacing does exist, and it all comes neatly packaged in designer, trendy laminate flooring. Why not stretch your decorating dollar today –and get an installation that will surely impress? If you’re still not sure, then read on to learn some more great facts about laminate.

Offers a variety of styles

Without a doubt, laminate flooring is by far one of the most versatile options on the market. Manufactured in a wide variety of lookalike styles, you can get the exact look you want without spending an extravagant amount of money on exotic floors. With so many patterns, colors, tones, and materials like stone, hardwood, and ceramic, laminate flooring provides you with serious design power. Contemporary, cool, dramatic, elegant, sumptuous –match your mood or get the look you want!

Stain, fade, and moisture resistant

The vast majority of laminate installations come with an impressive warranty. Normally, we’re talking about as long as 25 years! That’s because these floors are truly tough, capable of resisting moisture, fading, and stains. Undoubtedly, that’s why it’s a top pick for areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

Extremely durable

Compared to some other surfacing types, laminate comes ahead of the game because of its extreme durability. This is all thanks to its hard-wearing protective coating, an external layer of resin that adds to the surfacing’s structural integrity. Resistant to impact, dents, and so much more, it’s an excellent choice for busy households with kids, cats, and dogs, plus a whole lot of foot traffic.


While it is quite economical in terms of cost, don’t be fooled into believing these floors are anything less than premium quality. Impressive longevity and durability both go hand-in-hand with cost-effective laminate floors because this high-tech material is simply less expensive to manufacture.
Modern laminate flooring in East Moline, IL from Floorcrafters - Moline

Easy to clean and maintain

Laminate is also resistant to moisture and humidity, providing you with easy to clean floors. Spills, water splashes, and food messes are truly simple to handle, requiring nothing more than a wipe with a clean cloth or a pass with a slightly damp microfiber mop. The best part is it doesn’t need waxing at all!

Get the best floors with Floorcrafters - Moline

At Floorcrafters - Moline, our Moline, IL showroom carries various installation options, from laminate to hardwood to tile. Serving the Moline, Rock Island, and East Moline, IL, along with the Davenport and Bettendorf, IA regions, we’re here to help you on your next renovation journey to find the perfect floors for your home.