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Tile flooring –improve the appearance of your home with quality, versatile tile

Tile flooring normally evokes visions of grandeur and pristine beauty, endless mosaic designs, and unique color combinations. With its unique way of adding a tactile dimension to installations, tile flooring also creates an ambiance of pure elegance. Aside from its loveliness, tiles are also durable, easy to clean, and long-lasting. Curious to know about tile installations like ceramic or porcelain? Let’s discuss a few more reasons why this one-of-a-kind surfacing material might be just what you’re looking for to renovate your home.

Ultra-durable can withstand heavy traffic

From dropped toys to muddy paws, high heels to crawling babies, tile is ultra-durable and can handle heavy foot traffic. It’s also anti-scratch and fade-resistant, with the capability to withstand high humidity and fluctuating temperatures. With a surface that’s resistant to harsh chemicals, grease, scuff marks, and water infiltration, its strength is truly impressive. As such, tile flooring is an ideal selection for any space in your house.

Fireproof and easy upkeep

Upkeep and cleaning are a complete breeze when it comes to tiles. Clean it easily, quickly with mild soap and a damp mop, sweeping its surface beforehand to eliminate dust and dirt particles. Without the worry of scratching or damaging the tiles, you can rest assured you won’t have to care for them with special products or expensive cleaning agents. What’s more, tile flooring is a very popular choice for kitchens as it is fireproof. That means, in the event of high heat exposure from the oven or stove, the material will not burn or release toxic fumes.

Hypoallergenic, moisture and slip-resistant

Since it is non-porous, tiles are naturallyresistant to moisture, so water won’t damage the surfacing or affect its appearance. As a flooring option for bathrooms, tile is particularly appropriate because of its extra slip resistant properties, thanks to added grit that is incorporated into the glaze. Finally, as a smooth, hypoallergenic surfacing, tile is an excellent surfacing alternative for allergy sufferers or those with breathing difficulties.
Ceramic tile flooring in Davenport, IA from Floorcrafters - Moline

The undisputable beauty of tile flooring

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