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Luxury vinyl flooring –turn your home into a stunning work of art with one-of-a-kind floors

Over the past few years, luxury vinyl flooring has fast become a true favorite for homeowners. Mostly, it has to do with its impressive ability to mimic almost any other flooring material. Hardwood, tile, granite –you name it –this stylish, durable installation alternative is truly like no other. Whether you prefer luxury vinyl tile or luxury vinyl plank, let’s take a look at some more great reasons why you’ll benefit in many ways by choosing luxury vinyl flooring.

Easy installation process

Install these floors in any room of your home, even if that space experiences moisture or humidity. As such, kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways are especially good places to install vinyl floors. Plus, what’s a great advantage is that it can be installed as a floating floor, over an existing installation. Since it’s so easy to install, the cost of hiring professional installers will be much less than it would be with more complicated material.

Designeroptions, stunning looks

At our Moline, IL showroom, you’ll no doubt be impressed by how many designs and styles there are to choose from. Typically, that’s because of its ability to replicate realistic textures and patterns, like hardwood and tile. As such, you may even have trouble telling the genuine material apart from the vinyl replica! Available in tiles or planks, with realistic grooving in some designs, you’re sure to love what luxury vinyl flooring can do for your renovation.

Long-lasting and ultra-resilient

Ultra-resistant and long-lasting, you are assured a very durable installation that can not only withstand moisture and water but also wear-and-tear. Additionally, these floors are also anti-scratch and stain, making it an ideal option for spaces that see a lot of heavy foot traffic and entry points to the house.
Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in Bettendorf, IA from Floorcrafters - Moline

Easy upkeep and lowmaintenance

Daily sweeping and occasional damp mopping is all you’ll need to keep your floors looking neat and tidy. Simply put, there are no special care requirements, and as such, your floors won’t take much to stay beautiful and shiny.

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